Love is Such a Chore

A new ukulele song!

I wanted to get this song up before the end of February (I’m a procrastinator). I sat down on Valentine’s day thinking it would be cool to write a jokey bitter love song, but I ended up writing a for real bitter love song. Because no song is for real bitter like a song is bitter on a ukulele. So, um, enjoy? (Just kidding, you will, I promise)

Love is Such a Chore

Did it hurt when he said the things you both meant?
Did it work? The promises? Did forever end sooner than planned?
Did it burn when he spat your name out just like a bad taste?
I’m ashamed to say I know the face he made
Because it’s been mine
One too many times

She said that she was happy once
But love has no excuse for me
And I had no excuse for being loved

Love such a chore
And she’s so bitter.
And I’m not even sure it could ever be worth all of this effort
I have felt so sore, so exposed, so vulnerable just to feel so severed
To feel so torn
Wondering if I’ll ever recover or feel whole.

I’ve been cured of my disease
That took the best of me
That I wore out on my sleeve
And like a sheep I’ve been shorn of my fleece and left out in the cold storm to freeze.

Love is such a chore
And she’s so jaded.
And I’m not really sure I could ever be persuaded that it’s worth all this frustration
Oh Lord, I’ve been misinformed, it’s been miscommunicated
Loving her has hurt even more than I anticipated
And it’s only getting worse with no sign of fading

Love is so hard
And she’s so fragile
I have been so scarred
That I’m afraid I’m gonna break her heart

Written and recorded by Erin Brown
Copyright Erin Brown 2010

Published by

Erin Brown

Enthusiast, songwriter, developer, caffeinator. Co-host of Way Too Broad podcast. Living and loving in Durham. Really gay. She/her.

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