Pretty Girl At The Gym

Based on a true story!

Music, lyrics, & recording by Erin Brown
Copyright 2018 Erin Brown

Pretty girl at the gym
You don’t seem like a lesbian
But you probably wouldn’t be into me
If you were into women

You must be 6 feet tall
And skinny like a pencil
You look just like a tall Ellen Page
But you never looked my way

You were reading Harry Potter
You were on the Goblet of Fire
And I wanted to ask if you were a beginner
Or if you read them over and over

But I just stood there and brushed my hair
And wrote a ukulele song you’ll never hear

Published by

Erin Brown

Enthusiast, songwriter, developer, caffeinator. Co-host of Way Too Broad podcast. Living and loving in Durham. Really gay. She/her.

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