Copyright 2018 Erin Brown
Written by Erin Brown
Recorded in Studio M by Thom Canova and Mark Simonsen

Erin Brown: vocals, guitar
Mark Simonsen: organ

Come down to where the ocean meets the dry land
Can you hear the siren’s song?
Call my name when I forget it in the silence
Can you hear it’s high-pitched drone?
Meet me where the sun meets the horizon
Where it shines and then’s forgotten
Don’t forget me

Come down from atop your tower in Dresden
Can you feel your breath catching up?
Call my name when the bombs start falling
So I can know where you are then, love.
Meet me by the burning buildings
So we can rebuild and we can start over

Calm down, we are not forsaken
Though we are badly shaken up
Say my name, I need to know it’s the same one that it’s been all along
Find me when everyone’s abandoned everyone
Come find me, love

Come find me, love

Published by

Erin Brown

Enthusiast, songwriter, developer, caffeinator. Co-host of Way Too Broad podcast. Living and loving in Durham. Really gay. She/her.

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