Come Outside Your Window

I’ve been out of it for days, I’ve been carrying this weight
Hoping you carry the same but haven’t told.
I don’t recognize myself
These hands that hold this flame belong to someone else
And should she touch you I’d be jealous to the bone.
I’ve been gasping at the depths
These pins and needles grab my chest as although my heart were sleeping and just now waking up.
I’ve been rocked by the throes of it
The prose I wrote of it reduced me to a poet
Writing lovesick sonnets, longing for your heart.

So come out of your window, I’ve been waiting in the wings
Hoping to hear you throw your confession to the wind
For I know not what ties bind your heart and I am praying they’re the same ones that bind mine.

I am in dire straits
The ice is thin, about to break
Desire make me hesitate and I can’t say it to your face
But the words that burden my tongue are the words I’m hoping you’ve sung
All alone inside your dark room, scared to let them see the sun.

Oh but come outside your window, I am waiting in the dark
I am pacing in the shadow, I am practicing my part
I am hoping that you’ll follow with your lines after I start
I am hoping that you know them all by heart

Let down your hair, I’ll climb on up
So that you can save me from my wall-less prison
The tempting stare of the poison cup
Says, “Drink from me deeply and forever you’ll be young”
But our roles are confused and our stories are crossed
And I can’t choose what’s true or false
And I can’t stop being consumed by these thoughts:
That we might happily live on

If you would come outside your window and see me waiting for you below
Singing to you songs that you know and always have.
Do they suddenly sound brand new?
Oh they haunt me, do they haunt you?
I could stand right here and want you until you want me back.

So come outside your window in the cold and pouring rain
To my anguish and my pain and say something.
Soothe me with your words, or burn me with your curse
Neither could be worse than waiting in the wings outside your window.

Written by Erin Brown

Recorded at Studio M in Durham, NC by Thom Canova and Mark Simonsen
Erin: vocals and guitar

Copyright Erin Brown 2018

Published by

Erin Brown

Enthusiast, songwriter, developer, caffeinator. Co-host of Way Too Broad podcast. Living and loving in Durham. Really gay. She/her.

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