Start Over

Written by Erin Brown

Recorded at Studio M in Durham, NC by Thom Canova and Mark Simonsen

Erin Brown: vocals, guitar, accidental pump organ
Mark Simonsen: drums, mandolin, additional vocals
Thom Canova: bass


I am alone with my thoughts again
And I am overrun by them
With nothing to do but succumb to them
I do believe I’ve been forgotten by the girl that I am wanting
To know me like the back of her hand
I am lost for words
And I am barely heard
Even when they are found
I am a ball of nerves
And I am barely of worth when she’s around

So here we are
And I wish you knew my heart
I think you’d find it an easy read
There you go
and I’m wishing that you’d know
and I’m hoping you’ll see

I said, “Arwooooooooo, can we start over?”
I said, “Arwooooooooo, can we start again?”

I’m out on your front porch
My feet are glued to the floor
I’m in appeal at your front door
Holding a torch you refuse to see
I fear I will not move
Until the earth revolves one full circle
Until your heart conceals its burden no more
And comes around to me

I said, “Arwooooooooo, can we start over?”
I said, “Arwooooooooo, can we start again?”

I am so drunk
And I cannot drive home
Would you hail a cab and hum me to sleep?
In the morning I will wake with both my eyes closed
And hope to feel you lying next to me
And I am so dumb
And I cannot stand it anymore
So I will throw myself into the sea
And I am so done feeling so insecure
So I will stand here and repeat my plea
I’ll say it again:
I said, “Arwooooooooo, can we start over?”
I said, “Arwooooooooo, can we start again please?”

Published by

Erin Brown

Enthusiast, songwriter, developer, caffeinator. Co-host of Way Too Broad podcast. Living and loving in Durham. Really gay. She/her.

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