On My Side

Music, lyrics, & recording by Erin Brown
Copyright 2018 Erin Brown

I’ve been walking for days without knowing where I’m going now
I’ve been walking for miles without knowing the road
I’ve been going this path without knowing where it’s going down
It leads to you I hope
It leads to you I hope

These things I said to you, they were insensitive
And I both regret and I did not mean a word of them
So if you’re offering another second chance
You know I might take you up on it

Because I’m terrified that the tide
Will wash away the contract that we wrote down in the sand
That says you might just think about it again
And change your mind
And stay on my side

You know I love a story with a happy end
But this is not mine to decide
All I can say is that I mean when I say that I meant what I said
When I said that I’d try to patch this right back up again

But I am terrified that the wind
Will blow and sway your decision because it is a fragile thing
And I deserve every hesitation you’ve been making
But I’d lie to say that I don’t want it to sway
On my side

Published by

Erin Brown

Enthusiast, songwriter, developer, caffeinator. Co-host of Way Too Broad podcast. Living and loving in Durham. Really gay. She/her.

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