I wrote this song in early August and recorded it with my cousin when I was up in Mass. It’s one of a few “quilt songs” I’ve written, where I have song scraps that I like that didn’t work out in other songs that I sew together in a song. This version is a little rough, so I debated whether or not to put it up here. But I just can’t stop listening to it, and I hope you like it too.

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Carbon Love Song

I just realized I didn’t have this on here!

This is a song I wrote for my 9th grade chemistry project (modified ever so slightly since). Our task was to personify an element. The original version has my mom singing (I had a cold) — I’m not sure what happened to that but when I find it I’ll post it.

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Love is Such a Chore

A new ukulele song!

I wanted to get this song up before the end of February (I’m a procrastinator). I sat down on Valentine’s day thinking it would be cool to write a jokey bitter love song, but I ended up writing a for real bitter love song. Because no song is for real bitter like a song is bitter on a ukulele. So, um, enjoy? (Just kidding, you will, I promise)

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This is a song I was feeling last night. It was really warm yesterday and I spent a good amount of it driving with the windows down. To top that off, usually only the left front speaker of my car works, but like a gift my right one popped in for the entire day. That = louder music (plus, a popular recording technique is called hard panning, and that means a guitar/vocal/other track is put entirely in one speaker and taken completely or mostly out of the other. Which can make a song sound richer when you have both speakers, but can ruin a song if you’re missing one). I had a really good day and I was wearing a skirt which made it feel like the precipice of spring. I was feeling mellow and hopeful, and this was a rewarding little ditty to write. It’s been a long February. It’s been a cold front.

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