Carbon Love Song

I just realized I didn’t have this on here!

This is a song I wrote for my 9th grade chemistry project (modified ever so slightly since). Our task was to personify an element. The original version has my mom singing (I had a cold) — I’m not sure what happened to that but when I find it I’ll post it.

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It’s done it’s done it’s done it’s done!

Oh golly gee, we just finished up the cd today and I can’t stop smiling!

Josh Starmer, a local cellist, came and put some cello on one of the songs today. By day, Josh works as a scientist studying genetics and fighting cancer, and by nights and weekends he uses his superpowers of mad cello playing for the forces of good. I’m unreasonably impressed. Or maybe I’m plain reasonably impressed.

Here’s the song he laid down today. To whet your appetite for the new cd:

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November Wedding (the almost done version)

This is the unpolished version of November Wedding. A more polished version of this will be on my upcoming EP. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out so far!

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Love is Such a Chore

A new ukulele song!

I wanted to get this song up before the end of February (I’m a procrastinator). I sat down on Valentine’s day thinking it would be cool to write a jokey bitter love song, but I ended up writing a for real bitter love song. Because no song is for real bitter like a song is bitter on a ukulele. So, um, enjoy? (Just kidding, you will, I promise)

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This is a song I was feeling last night. It was really warm yesterday and I spent a good amount of it driving with the windows down. To top that off, usually only the left front speaker of my car works, but like a gift my right one popped in for the entire day. That = louder music (plus, a popular recording technique is called hard panning, and that means a guitar/vocal/other track is put entirely in one speaker and taken completely or mostly out of the other. Which can make a song sound richer when you have both speakers, but can ruin a song if you’re missing one). I had a really good day and I was wearing a skirt which made it feel like the precipice of spring. I was feeling mellow and hopeful, and this was a rewarding little ditty to write. It’s been a long February. It’s been a cold front.

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