River Thames

Music, lyrics, & recording by Erin Brown
Copyright 2018 Erin Brown

Look, the Thames is freezing over
In the most familiar way
The sight of like you’ll never see another
It’s a sight that I remember very plain

There was night she held me by this freezing river
It may have been this very place
We stood here shaking not from winter
But a fire kindled in our gaze

As we began the most beautiful endeavor
Asking love to come, and then to stay
Our lips pressed to one another’s
In the snow, bursting into flames

But tonight I come here nursing only embers
To scatter the ashes that remain
For she would rather coldly take another
Than to turn and face the burn of our blaze

It’s cold, and I’m leaving
I’m gonna go and leave her to him
And let her freeze over like the Thames

Published by

Erin Brown

Enthusiast, songwriter, developer, caffeinator. Co-host of Way Too Broad podcast. Living and loving in Durham. Really gay. She/her.

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